8 Reasons Kurt Cobain Is Spinning in His Grave

With Nirvana set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during their first year of eligibility on Thursday, April 10, less than a week after the twentieth anniversary of iconic frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide, both Nirvana and Cobain have been in the news a lot lately. Cobain himself hated the limelight and the ways that fame made it difficult to protect his privacy and maintain his punk rock ethos. Many stories that have popped up in the news recently are enough to make any Cobain fan cringe to imagine what Kurt would have thought of the various ways the media and others have used his image and music for personal profit. Here are some things in particular that would have Cobain rolling in his grave had he not been cremated.

Courtney Love Hole


A Nirvana Musical

Cobain’s widow Courtney Love made headlines when she said that she’s thinking about making a musical based on his life conveniently right before announcing that she has managed to bring together the classic Nineties line-up of her band Hole to record a new album. Love told NME that she’s considering a Broadway musical, a biopic, and a documentary about Cobain. The idea of a biopic has been tossed around for years and there have already been a few documentaries, but a song-and-dance act on Broadway about Cobain seems like an idea that would have completely repulsed the punk purist, whose biggest concern was always artistic integrity over entertaining the masses.

Love said that a musical is “very likely” should she be able to pull together a project that meets her standards. “There would have to be a story, and a great story, one that hasn’t been told before. I would devote countless hours with an A-team to create a project that reflects Kurt in the most respectful but honest way possible, so that his story, his music, and his legacy can be resurrected on stage for not only the world to see, but more importantly for our daughter to see. I know her father’s spirit will be on that stage, and sitting in that theatre with her will be the most emotional experience of our lives,” she said.