‘American Horror Story’: 10 Theories About Season 7’s Theme

American Horror Story | FX

American Horror Story | FX

American Horror Story‘s next season isn’t set to debut until this fall, meaning this is the longest fans have ever had to wait between seasons. Since FX and creator Ryan Murphy have yet to announce Season 7’s theme, what better way to pass the time than to speculate over the many possibilities? From a potential nautical setting to a war-themed story, there are plenty of ideas out there surrounding the forthcoming season and what it might focus on. As we eagerly await the return of the horror drama, here’s a look at 10 popular theories about the Season 7 theme:

1. Cthulhu

One of the most prevalent rumors surrounding AHS‘s Season 7 is that it will focus on sea monsters — specifically, Cthulhu. The speculation surfaced from one of the final tweets made by AHS about Roanoke, which features a video of ocean waves and the words, “The monsters are all gone.”

A figment from H. P. Lovecraft’s fictional stories, Cthulhu is a sea monster-type creature that lives underwater. With an “octopus-like head,” a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws, and long, narrow wings, the monstrous-looking creature has the ability to drive anyone who lays their eyes on it insane — perfect for AHS‘s spook factor.

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