Arresting Development: 8 Actors Who Got in Trouble While Filming

Christopher McDonald, Happy Gilmore

“The show must go on” is a Hollywood phrase that is put to the test too often. For example, when these eight actors were arrested in the middle of filming a TV show or movie, production had to quickly adapt, choosing to either work around the actor’s court hearings and jail time, or in some instances, deciding to part ways altogether. Check out the eight stars who spent some time behind bars when they should have been behind the camera.

1. Christopher McDonald

While in North Carolina filming The Squeeze in 2013, McDonald was arrested for driving while intoxicated. The Happy Gilmore actor, who also started in Requiem for a Dream, was handcuffed, arrested, and charged with a DUI after being found with a blood-alcohol level of .15, according to the Daily News. While there was initial speculation as to whether the arrest would affect the film’s schedule, The Squeeze is in post-production and is expected to be released in 2014.

After McDonald’s arrest, he addressed it by saying, “The whole thing was unfortunate.” He also added, “Drunk driving is nothing to do. I do take this thing very seriously, and I am doing all of the right steps right now.”