10 Successful Authors Who Hated Their Own Books

For most people, completing a book and getting it published are things to be proud of. But to some well-known authors, it can be a curse. These celebrated writers have all released novels that they aren’t too fond of, even though most of these works are considered to be hugely successful. Below, check out 10 authors who hated their own books, despite their popularity.

1. Octavia Butler

Survivor book cover

Survivor | Signet

The sci-fi writer basically disowned her third novel, Survivor, after it was originally published in 1978. The work is still one of Octavia Butler’s only titles to remain out of print. The author let it stay that way because she felt the novel relied too heavily on some of the genre’s worst clichés. According to Butler, the book was too much like the “really offensive garbage” that dominated science fiction when she herself was young.

Despite her dislike of it, the story is highly regarded among hardcore sci-fi fans, but you’ll have to shell out $100 if you want to own it.