Batgirl: 10 Actresses Who Could Play the Character

Batgirl in costume swinging over Gotham City during a storm and smiling

Batgirl | DC Comics

Despite the dismal critical reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, most moviegoers agreed that early worries that Ben Affleck would be miscast as the Dark Knight proved to be unfounded. In fact, “Batfleck” has become such a hit, that Warner Bros. appears to be even more committed to shifting its DC Extended Universe in the direction of Gotham. The most recent development, of course, is the news that Joss Whedon will be writing, directing, and producing a film focused on Batman’s longtime ally, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl.

Aside from the obvious coup of DC landing the man behind The Avengers, the concept of a Batgirl film gives the DCEU the opportunity to redeem the character’s last live-action film appearance in 1997’s infamous Batman & Robin, where the character was played by Alicia Silverstone.

Naturally, the internet soon started buzzing about which lucky actress could land the plum role, so we started speculating ourselves. Since early word indicates that Whedon’s film will focus on Barbara’s recovery and return to crimefighting following her debilitating attack at the hands of the Joker (as depicted in The Killing Joke), we’re looking specifically at actresses in their mid-20s. Don’t expect to see much-discussed names like Hailee Steinfeld or Anya Taylor-Joy, appear here, as they’re too young to play mid-career Batgirl.

Instead, we’re turning to recognizable faces — though not necessarily marquee names — who possess the action chops and charisma to headline a Batgirl film. Also, any stars who are active in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Rosario Dawson and Karen Gillan, for example — will be excluded, since they’re unlikely to be considered.

1. Jane Levy

Jane Levy in Don't Breathe hiding on the floor looking terrified

Jane Levy in Don’t Breathe | Sony Pictures

All credit for this one goes to Vanity Fair senior writer Joanna Robinson, who first brought the genius casting idea to our attention. Jane Levy may not be a household name, but DC is likely looking to elevate a rising star with the role of Batgirl, not shell out big money to bring a star in.

Levy has already impressed moviegoers with lead turns in director Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe, demonstrating a knack for action and the heart of a leading lady. Playing the iconic Batgirl would be a star-making role for Levy, and the role would be lucky to have her.

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