Before ‘Aquaman’: Jason Momoa’s 5 Best Movie Roles

Jason Momoa stars in Aquaman.

Aquaman |  Warner Bros.

Over the next couple years, you will see a lot more of Jason Momoa on the big screen. Originally, this actor’s rise to fame coincided with his role as Khal Drogo on the mega-popular TV series Game of Thrones. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Momoa was discovered in the late ’90s by designer Takeo Kobayashi, who pushed him to try modeling. Only a year later he won Hawaii’s Model of the Year, and then he began working as an actor on shows like Baywatch Hawaii and North Shore.

Now that Momoa has snagged the part of Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe, he is set to become one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. But what about Momoa’s earlier work? Well, it turns out there’s not a whole lot — and what there is just isn’t all that good. That being said, now that Momoa has established himself as an actor, several of these films might be up for reevaluation. Here are Jason Momoa’s five best films so far.

1. Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Jason Momoa

Conan the Barbarian | Lionsgate

Conan the Barbarian was Momoa’s first lead role in a major Hollywood film. The movie was released just after his role as Khal Drogo had begun to bring him attention. Momoa’s role as Conan is based on the same character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original film of the same name. The new Conan the Barbarian is a reimagining of the series with Momoa tackling the title role.

While the film bombed at the box office and didn’t fare well with most critics, it’s the kind of movie that may be slightly better off with time — and certainly not every critic hated it. Manohla Dargis of the New York Times writes, “[Momoa] rises to that task with a pumped physique made for ogling. Thankfully, he also shows glints of self-awareness that can make hypermasculine blowouts like these more watchable and were largely missing from Mr. Schwarzenegger’s wide-eyed turn.” So the muscles are good at the very least.

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