10 Best Medical Shows on Netflix for Fans of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

A man sits at a desk with a computer in House

House | FOX

While Grey’s Anatomy is on its 13th season, there are still likely a number of fans who crave even more medical drama. Or, perhaps you’re more like me, and still haven’t recovered from the end of House several years ago. Not to fear, because Netflix, the preferred streaming service, is chock full of medical TV shows, ranging from the drama that Grey’s brings, to the sarcasm of House. And, for the record, there are eights seasons of House and 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy available for streaming, so you can always re-watch an old favorite.

Some of Netflix’s options are short lived but amusing series that the streaming giant scooped up for dedicated fans. Others are still in production, and still others have seasons into the double digits if you’re looking for a longer commitment. Here are some of the best medical dramas on Netflix.

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