10 of the Best TV Shows You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Television today is rife with shows to watch. Programs like Game of Thrones and Orange Is the New Black dominate the headlines, acting as figureheads for what many dub the Golden Age of Television. In the midst of all this, it’s easy for many shows to get lost in the shuffle. Some are patently terrible, and thus shouldn’t be bothered with. But others are more than worth your time, despite the fact that every internet news site doesn’t provide detailed recaps of every episode.

There’s a simple beauty in discovery, and this applies well to television. There are tons of shows out there less publicized, but just as high in quality as their contemporaries. They span a whole range of genres, from revisionist fiction history to fantasy and science-fiction. There’s no better time than now to go out in the wide world of TV to find something new and exciting.

1. Da Vinci’s Demons, Starz

There’s a very good chance you’ve never even heard of this one, but trust us when we say Da Vinci’s Demons is well-worth your time. The show follows a young Leonardo da Vinci, navigating the treacherous terrain of the Medici family, the papacy, and a number of strange apocalypse cults that vary in their support and/or opposition of his destiny.

It’s very much in the revisionist history category, but that doesn’t make its story any less exciting, starring the charismatic Tom Riley in his first leading TV role. The third (and apparently final) season ended in December 2015, but you can still catch it on the Starz website or on DVD or Blu-ray.