Can Snoop Dogg Help Psy Make Another Gangnam-Style Success?

South Korean dance pop phenomenon Psy is looking to recreate the success of his first hit, “Gangnam Style,” with a new collaboration with Snoop Dogg called “Hangover” from his upcoming album.

Psy became an international phenomenon with the release of 2011′s Bird and the single “Gangnam Style,” which gained popularity due to a music video featuring bizarre dance moves and a funny look at Korean culture. That video currently holds the record for being the most-watched clip on YouTube, having reached a milestone 2 billion views on May 31.

The five-minute video for “Hangover” features Psy puking a lot while Snoop Dogg figuratively holds his hair back; the pair then go out and drink some more. As is characteristic of Psy’s previous work, there are lots of funny dance moves and hot Korean girls. Snoop Dogg traveled to South Korea to shoot the clip, which the pair debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Sunday night. “Hangover” managed to get more 2 million views on YouTube in less than eight hours.

The addition of Snoop Dogg reflects a hip-hop influence that will be found on Psy’s upcoming album, according to the singer. In an interview obtained by TMZ at LAX, Psy said that the new song will have more of a hip-hop flavor than his previous material and that he raps “with Snoop’s help.” When asked what working with Snoop Dogg was like, Psy revealed that not too much partying actually went on despite the rapper’s reputation and the events depicted in the video. “It was a really tight schedule of shooting because we had the shooting in Korea, Snoop had to move on, but it was really great and we’ve got to party later on,” Psy said.