15 Celebrities Who Are Scientology’s Fiercest Defenders

It’s no secret that there are many celebrities who are into Scientology. The organization is very driven at recruiting new members and even has a celebrity center. However, despite all of its high profile members there has been a lot of criticism of the organization through documentary films and books detailing people’s experiences. 

And while there have been many criticisms, there are also loyal celebrities who stand and defend Scientology. So who has spoken out to defend it? Here are the 15 celebrities who are Scientology’s fiercest defenders.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible | Paramount Pictures

The actor is definitely one of the organization’s biggest stars. His name is often brought up when someone mentions Scientology. This is because he has been associated with the organization since 1990. The actor has been included in documentaries and books about Scientology. Video of him talking about the organization was leaked and made headlines. When asked about the claims of abuse and more in Scientology, he sticks behind the organization without addressing the problems directly.

“It’s something that has helped me incredibly in my life, I’ve been a Scientologist for over 30 years,” he said according to Radar Online. “It’s something, you know, without it, I wouldn’t be where I am. So it’s a beautiful religion, I’m incredibly proud.”

The religion is also very critical of psychiatry, because of this, Cruise criticized Brooke Shields on Access Hollywood for taking anti-depressants to treat postpartum depression.

These drugs are dangerous. I have actually helped people come off.  When you talk about postpartum, you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that. You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things.

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