11 of Christian Bale’s Best Movies

As an actor, Christian Bale is part of an exclusive league — not only in terms of his consideration talents, but also in the impressive course of his career. He got his start in the industry when he was just a young teen and has only continued to improve and excel on screen in the years since. Now one of Hollywood’s top superstars, the actor has enjoyed a notably varied career, taking on wide-ranging roles from that of a charismatic hustler to caped crusader, Batman (you may have heard of him). Here’s a look back at 11 of Bale’s best film roles to date.

1. Empire of the Sun

Source: Warner Bros.

Empire of the Sun | Warner Bros.

This 1987 World War II drama from Steven Spielberg starred a young Bale as 12-year-old Jim Graham, the only child of a wealthy British couple in Shanghai who becomes prisoners to the Japanese army. Jim is separated from his parents and loses not only life of wealth, but also his innocence. That theme runs through the entire movie, as Graham fights to come to terms with the harsh reality of his situation. It’s a heartbreaking transition from youth to man, and Bale is able to relay the story with grace and conviction. Clearly, the actor had a way of handling tortured characters from a young age.