Christian Bale Set to Star in Book Series Adapation

Source: Energy Entertainment

Christian Bale already has a lot on his plate, but it looks like he’s set to add another high-profile role to his spate of credits. Variety reports that Bale is in early discussions to star as Travis McGee in 20th Century Fox’s adaption of The Deep Blue Goodbye. If he does sign on for the film, it would reunite Bale with director James Mangold, who directed the actor in the 2007 action-Western 3:10 to Yuma.

The role of Travis McGee originates from a series of 21 novels by James D. MacDonald, the first of which is The Deep Blue Goodbye. The book series follows the tough-minded “salvage consultant” McGee and his adventures throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Rubbing elbows with seedy clients and the dark underbelly of Fort Lauderdale, McGee is tasked with reclaiming items, and sometimes people, all the while getting into skirmishes with bad guys and pursuing women.

The character and series have previously been adapted to the screen twice, with the most recent adaptation coming a little over 30 years ago. The first adaptation of the series came in 1970′s Darker Than Amber, based on the novel of the same name, and featured Rod Taylor playing the character. The second adaptation, simply titled Travis McGee, was a 1983 television movie adaptation of the novel The Empty Copper Sea and starred Sam Elliott as the titular investigator. But neither carried the kind of clout that 20th Century Fox appears ready to trot out for the newest adaptation.