Could ‘The Soulkeepers’ Be the Next ‘Hunger Games’?

Source: Lionsgate

Popular young adult book series The Soulkeepers has been picked up by film producer Aaron Magnani to be the latest set of teen-centered fantasy novels to be brought to the big screen. The six-volume series was written by G.P. Ching, with the first book debuting in 2011; the final installment was released in March.

The series centers on 15-year-old Jacob, who is left in the care of his uncle after a mysterious car accident in which his mother disappeared. One of his uncle’s neighbors, the mysterious Dr. Abigail Silva, tells Jacob that if he helps her protect peoples’ souls from Fallen Angels, she can help him find out what happened to his mother. In the supernatural world of these novels, Angels and Demons battle for human souls on Earth, and Jacob has the unique ability to help shield souls from evil.

According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Magnani Productions has optioned the rights and is currently searching for a writer to adapt the novels, as well as the perfect male lead for the central role of conflicted teen Jacob.

The series taps into two popular and profitable phenomena for both novels and movies: young adult fantasy and Christian themes. Faith-based films have been performing surprising;y well at the box office in the past year, with movies like Mom’s Night Out, Heaven Is For Real, Son of God, and God’s Not Dead all making more than expected in ticket sales for films with overt Christian themes.