Franco and Rogen Team Up to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un in New Trailer

The trailer for James Franco and Seth Rogen’s upcoming comedy about a talk show host and his producer sent to interview and then assassinate North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un has been released.

Franco plays David Skylark, the host of the trashy celebrity talk show Skylark Tonight, and Rogen plays the show’s producer, Aaron Rapoport. When the two learn that Kim Jong-Un is a fan of the show, they set up an interview with him in an attempt to become credible journalists. When the CIA learns that the pair will be meeting with the notorious dictator, the government agency assigns them the task of assassinating him. The trailer promises lots of ridiculousness and bromance, as have been seen in previous Rogen-Franco comedies.

The actors are frequent comedic collaborators, known for movies like Pineapple Express and This Is the End, as well as their famous parody of Kanye West’s “Bound 2″ music video that they recreated shot-for-shot, with Rogen playing Kim Kardashian and Franco playing Kayne. That video went viral and inspired West, who normally doesn’t take so kindly to people making fun of him, to invite the pair to perform at his recent nuptials to Kardashian, which Rogen and Franco politely declined.

Another project on the horizon for the duo is an adaptation of actor Greg Sestero’s memoir about the making of The Room, the 2003 film known as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” and widely considered to be the worst movie ever made. Franco’s Rabbit Bandini productions optioned the rights to Sestero’s recent book The Disaster Artist, which examines the weird story of the making of the film and the eccentric man behind it, writer-director-star Tommy Wiseau.