10 Freshman Shows That Just Got Axed

With so many great series on TV these days, it can be hard for new comedies and dramas to stand out. Case in point? Several freshman shows have recently been canceled after failing to resonate with audiences in their debut seasons. Below, check out 10 new TV shows that just got axed.

1. Emerald City

Dorothy and her dog stand in front of a tornado in a promotional poster for Emerald City

Emerald City | NBC

NBC’s much-hyped Wizard of Oz adaptation is at the end of its yellow brick road. The show, which earned mixed reviews from critics, never really found a strong audience during its 10-episode run. Though it earned 4.5 million viewers in its January 2017 debut, the drama continued to dip from week to week, with its finale garnering an audience of just under 2.9 million.

The lackluster ratings led the broadcast network to officially pull the plug on the fantasy drama in May 2017, after just one season.

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