‘Game of Thrones’: 10 New Spoilers About HBO’s Prequels

There’s been talk for awhile about the possibility of Game of Thrones prequel series on HBO. It certainly makes sense for the network, given that the core series wraps up in 2018. George R.R. Martin’s novels have blossomed into one of the most popular stories on TV today (if not the most popular), and HBO isn’t going to simply let the show fade off into the sunset. So what exactly do we know? Thanks to Martin and a handful of other rumors from the network, the answer is “quite a bit.”

1. There are five separate prequel series currently in development

Sam Tarly, with his back to the camera looking up at a room full of golden globes and books

The library of the Maesters | HBO

When news of Game of Thrones‘ potential prequel first broke, the word was that there were four proposed series on the table at HBO. That number moved up to five recently though, coming to us directly from Martin himself.

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