Grumpy Cat Gets a Lifetime Movie, and Hates It


source: @ realgrumpycat via Instagram

The feline subject of an extremely popular Internet meme known as the Grumpy Cat will be starring in her own Lifetime movie this Christmas titled Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. The announcement comes from The Hollywood Reporter and the official Instagram account of Grumpy Cat posted an image of Grumpy Cat in a sleigh wearing a Santa hat to promote the film on Wednesday.

The cat, who’s real name is Tardar Sauce, rose to fame after pictures of her and her very grumpy-looking face began circulating online. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, says that the expression is caused by feline dwarfism and that Tardar Sauce actually has a pleasant temperament. The cat has become so famous that it has a full-time manager, a line of branded products sold at various retailers, a New York Times best-selling book, an endorsement deal with Friskies, and made an appearance at last year’s South by Southwest Interactive.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the script will be written by Jeff Morris and SpongeBob SquarePant’s Tim Hill. The story will see Tardar Sauce playing a pet store cat that is repeatedly overlooked by potential owners and a 12-year-old girl who can communicate with her. “It brings a fun and irreverence that we haven’t had at Lifetime,” the network’s vice president of original movies Arturo Interian told the publication. “We’re so known for our heartfelt sentimentality that it will poke fun at those stereotypes.” Interian also said that his teenage daughters are fans of Grumpy Cat and gave him the idea for the project.

To further push back against the Lifetime movie stereotype, Interian described the movie as “a little Home Alone and a little Die Hard.” He said the network is at work on casting the voice of Grumpy Cat and the film, which will feature cameos from other Internet memes, will begin shooting this summer.