How Many Movies Can James Franco Make in a Year?

Source: Getty Images

James Franco gets attention for being a holder of superfluous college degrees and an infamously bizarre Instagram account, but he is also one of Hollywood’s busiest actors. That would be an impressive feat in itself even if he wasn’t balancing all that film work alongside his teaching jobs and role in the Broadway adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic novella Of Mice and Men.

His most recent film release was Palo Alto, an adaptation of his own collection of short stories directed by Gia Coppola — Francis Ford’s granddaughter and Sofia’s niece. Palo Alto is a collection about coming of age in Northern California. Emma Roberts plays a virginal high school student who engages in an appropriately flirtatious relationship with her much older soccer coach Mr. B, played by Franco.

Franco also stars in the upcoming thriller Good People, co-starring Kate Hudson. The actors play a married couple that discovers a large amount of cash hidden in their apartment and make the decision to try and hang on to the money.

A big film coming up from the actor is Werner Herzog’s anticipated Queen of the Desert, staring Nicole Kidman as the British explorer Gertrude Bell, a woman who has been described as the female Lawrence of Arabia and who played a key role in developing Britain’s trade relations with the Middle East. Franco will play British army officer and politician Henry Cadogan.