Hulu Might Not Accept ‘Community’

Source: NBC

The future is looking grim for the beloved cult show Community, which was recently cancelled by NBC after finishing its fifth season. After its cancellation in May, Sony vowed to find a new home for the series, in particular citing the online streaming service Hulu as a potential location for the series to transition to.

“We, more than any other studios, fight for shows that we believe in,” Sony Pictures Television co-President Jamie Erlicht told The Hollywood Reporter. “This show had a remarkable history. There are real conversations we need to have with everyone as soon as we get back. We’ve been on the receiving end of some phone calls, but we really need to get together with the Community team and have real conversations and figure out the future. If there’s any show that should have a future or could have a future, it really feels like Community is the one.”

Now Entertainment Weekly is reporting, based on tips from anonymous sources, that talks between Sony and Hulu about the show “have largely stalled.” The publication says that Sony has another buyer in mind for the series and that Hulu still “wants to be part of the conversation.” Sony needs to speed up whatever conversations are happening, as the actors’ contracts are set to expire at the end of this month, at which point stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Glover, and Alison Brie will be free to pursue other projects.

Community already managed to beat the odds simply by staying on television for as long as it did despite its poor ratings, only drawing a 1.1 among viewers ages 18-49. The series performed generally well with critics, receiving a rating of 69 among reviews aggregated by Metacritic. “Community is mercilessly snarky and also surprisingly charming, which is not easy to pull off,” said The New York Times.