James Bond Style: 5 Ways You Can Look and Act Like 007

There are few other characters from literature and film as suave as James Bond. His style is the definition of “on point,” from the cars he drives to the suits he wears. In pop culture, he’s become an icon for men’s style throughout his many movies and iterations. Dating all the way back to Sean Connery, the actors who’ve betrayed him have all been some of the best-dressed in the business, and it’s no coincidence. The world’s greatest super-spy doesn’t just save the world: He looks good while doing it.

So what do you have to do in order to emulate Bond? It’s a process that requires mixing the proper cocktail, wearing the right tuxedo, and of course, following a careful list of dos and don’ts. It takes careful maintenance and a lot of attention to detail, but it’s not at all impossible for you to get on 007’s level.

1. Wearing the right suit

Sean Connery, James Bond 007 - Dr. No
Source: United Artists

The first step to capturing the style of James Bond is to track down the proper suit. The rental tuxedos you typically see at weddings and high school proms are more often than not the antithesis of 007, so we’re here to help set the record straight. The classic evening wear goes as follows, as taken from Sean Connery in Dr. No:

  • A white, pleated shirt with double cuffs and mother of pearl buttons (cuff links are a necessity here)
  • A black bowtie with diamond-point ends
  • A single-breasted, midnight blue dinner jacket with one button
  • A white, TV-fold pocket square (a white handkerchief will also suffice here)
  • Black tie trousers in black wool
  • Suspenders (if necessary)
  • Black socks and black leather cap-toe Oxfords (be sure to keep them well-shined)

Throughout 50 plus years of James Bond, there are slight variations on the iconic tuxedo of our titular secret agent, but you can’t go wrong emulating the original 007 in Sean Connery.

2. Ordering the perfect cocktail

Bond has ordered a variety of cocktails throughout his many films, but thanks in large part to original creator Ian Flemming’s affinity for gin, the martini became the drink of choice. The classic “shaken, not stirred” line first was uttered by none other than Connery in Dr. No, and has since become the gold standard for a classy drink. The exact instructions for 007’s cocktail though come by way of Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, where he gives the bartender very careful instructions for what’s known as a Vesper:

“Dry martini: Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, then add a thin slice of lemon.”

You wouldn’t be wrong to also dabble in a nice glass of wine, with Bond having imbibed in a 1947 Château Mouton Rothschild in Goldfinger. A similar bottle will run you a few thousand dollars though, so it might be smarter on your wallet to stick with the Vesper.

3. The quintessential James Bond car

Aston Martin, James Bond - Spectre
Source: Columbia Pictures

007 has been behind the wheel of everything from a Jeep Cherokee to a variety of Bentley models. But nothing screams “James Bond” more than the Aston Martin, a car that’s appeared in upwards of 10 separate films. Owning one yourself though is an entirely different thing. To be most up to date, you’ll have to get your hands on the newest version, the Aston Martin DB10.

The DB10 was designed specifically for Spectre, with just 10 additional cars made for special distribution. It features a 6-speed manual transmission, 4.7 liter V8 engine, and a whopping zero-to-sixty of 3.2 seconds. It’s not easy to get your hands on this rarity, but anyone who does will likely have the best car within a few hundred miles of wherever you make you home.

4. Tying a bowtie

On a long list of don’ts (that we’ll run down for you soon), a clip-on bowtie is one of them. You can avoid this by simply learning the ins and outs of how to tie one yourself, something that will become as easy as riding a bike once you get the hang of it.  As we mentioned before, the classic Sean Connery version is the diamond-pointed black one, but it’s not always easy to track one down. In the event you can’t, a normal square-pointed bowtie will suffice.

5. The “Don’ts” of 007

Skyfall, James Bond, Daniel Craig
Source: Columbia Pictures

Until now, we’ve been telling you all the right things to do to dress and act like James Bond. That said, it’s equally as important to know what pitfalls to avoid that’ll compromise your suave new style choices.

  • Avoid colors: 007’s style is defined by his simple yet elegant choice of black and white, with the only real variation being his trademark midnight blue dinner jacket.
  • No belts: Rather than using a belt, Bond can most typically be seen using suspenders. It helps accent the shape of your tuxedo, and makes for a more classic, old-fashioned appeal.
  • No cummerbunds or waistcoats: While it’s true you may sometimes see Bond utilize a cummerbund to conceal a firearm, there’s a good chance you won’t have a similar need. Stylistically, simplicity is key, and best version of Bond is the one that sticks to suspenders.
  • Beer: Unless it’s a not-so-veiled product placement for Heineken, the drink of choice for Bond is going to be the dry gin martini we described earlier. There’s nothing more stylish than a finely crafted cocktail, so keep that in mind when ordering at the bar.

With all this, you should be entirely prepared to go out into the world as the best-dressed and most cultured version of yourself that would make even Sean Connery proud. Find that suit, refine your drink ordering skills, and practice your bowtie skills, and we can guarantee you’ll be the life of any party you roll up to in your Aston Martin.

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