MGM Won’t Back Off ‘James Bond’ Knockoff’ Suit

Source: MGM/Sony

MGM has no plans to back off in its lawsuit against Universal Pictures over an un-produced spy script. The latter filed a response to the opposition’s claims that the suit is premature.

More than two months ago, MGM and Danjaq, which own the rights to the James Bond films, filed a lawsuit against Universal Pictures and screenwriter Aaron Berg, alleging that the script for the spy film Section 6 is a knockoff of their famous franchise. Universal quickly asked for the case to be dismissed.

Section 6 concerns the World War I creation of MI6, the U.K. agency that Bond works for in Ian Fleming’s novels and the subsequent film franchise. The script stars a main character whom MGM’s original filing claims “acts like James Bond, speaks like James Bond, and possesses the other unique traits of James Bond.”

Universal’s response to the filing noted that the script is currently being rewritten, isn’t officially being produced, and that, if a final version of the script is produced, it will “deviate significantly from its current iteration.”