7 Must-Play Mobile Games You Probably Missed

If you want a one-stop shop where you can find epic games, innovative indies, casual time-wasters, and ports of classic games, a smartphone is all you need. The mobile gaming space might not get the latest Call of Duty, but it gets just about everything else. So it’s time to take a look at some of the most interesting things happening in that space right now. Here are some of the must-play mobile games you might have missed.

1. Reigns

Who would’ve thought a dating app could contribute an innovative new way to play a game? That’s what happened with the makers of Reigns, a game that’s based on the left-right swiping mechanic from Tinder. In Reigns, you’re the king of the realm, which means you have to deal with all the issues that come up in your kingdom. To that end, your advisers approach you with situations, and you have to decide how to respond.

For instance, when a nearby nation begins amassing a large army, you can swipe left to send troops or swipe right to ignore it. As in life, your decisions have consequences, often unintended ones. Reigns starts off like the regular old king simulator you might expect, but soon it veers deep into strange territory. To say more would be to spoil an incredible game you should play for yourself.

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