Spoilers We Just Learned About ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

With Star Trek Beyond having hit theaters in 2016, most fans are already looking to the new Star Trek TV series debuting on CBS. Star Trek: Discovery will be hosted on CBS’ newly minted on-demand platform. After pushing the premiere for the new series from January to May, CBS was forced to move it once again, finally settling on fall 2017 for the show’s debut.

It’s a bold move opting to run the series online rather than on the parent network. That said, it also represents recognition of the changing medium as we know it. Details have been steadily flowing in since the series was first announced. The latest comes to us straight from creator Bryan Fuller, who spoke at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, California.

That said, per sources cited by Variety, Fuller has also officially turned over his showrunning duties to Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts. Fuller will remain on as an executive producer.

1. ‘A novel over 13 episodes’

A person in a space suit, looking out over a sun surrounded by asteroids

Star Trek: Discovery | CBS

Traditionally, Star Trek has run upwards of 20-some episodes per season. It’s a format that allows for plenty of self-contained adventures into deep space, giving guys like Gene Roddenberry the freedom to truly build out the universe. However, with a fully-established franchise in place, Star Trek: Discovery will instead cut things down to a tidy 13-episode run, described by Fuller as “a very serialized storyline instead of an episodic one.”

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