9 New TV Revivals Coming in 2017

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks | Showtime

TV’s revival trend is set to continue well into 2017. While 2016 saw the return of Gilmore Girls, Full House, and The X-Files, audiences still have a slew of series comebacks to look forward to. From Twin Peaks to Prison Break, these favorite comedies and dramas will all re-emerge on the small-screen over the next several months. Below, check out nine series revivals coming our way this year.

1. Twin Peaks

After months of anticipation, the upcoming Twin Peaks revival will finally kick off in 2017. Creators Mark Frost and David Lynch are back to pen and direct the project. Most of the original cast members, including star Kyle MacLachlan, will also return alongside newbies Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

It’s unclear how many episodes will be included in the season, as Lynch reportedly filmed the series continuously off of one long script and split it into installments later. The Twin Peaks revival will kick off on May 21.