4 New Video Game Rumors: A ‘Castlevania’ TV Show?

The video game industry is chock-full of secrets. Companies wait for exactly the right time to announce new games and hardware in hopes of making the biggest splash possible. Fans, on the other hand, want to know everything that’s coming down the line as soon as it’s planned. In that kind of environment, video game leaks and rumors are bound to trickle out. They do each week — and we keep track of them.

This week, we’ve uncovered rumors and leaks ranging from cancelled Nintendo games to the secret history of the Nintendo DS. Read on to see which items you’ll be most excited about if they turn out to be true.

1. Is Castlevania coming to TV?

Simon Belmont in front of Dracula's castle.

Castlevania could have its own show | Konami

You’d be forgiven for thinking Konami has abandoned the Castlevania franchise. After all, the last game in the series came out in 2014, and Konami seems to have no more Castlevania games in development. (Heck, Konami seems to have no more games in development at all, save for the out-of-left-field Metal Gear Solid Survive.)

But in an interview on the Nickelodeon Animation podcast, Adventure Time producer Fred Seibert seemed to tease that a Castlevania project could be in the works. “We have a project right now that we’re doing that needs to go unnamed based on one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years that we’ve had in our shop for 12 years without being able to get it started. But there were great characters and a great story, and eventually we got it going.”

Seibert didn’t say what game he was talking about, but in 2015, producer Adi Shankar announced on Facebook that he was working on a “super violent” Castlevania miniseries with — you guessed it — Fred Seibert. It’s not a big leap to connect those dots, seeing as Castlevania is one of the few gaming franchises that’s been around for three decades, but it is a leap, so it’s possible Seibert was hinting at a different project.

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