Top 10 Peter Dinklage Movies

At the age of 47, Peter Dinklage is enjoying some of the most successful years in his acting career. That usually happens when you find yourself not only a lead actor in one of the most popular shows on television, Game of Thrones, but also one of its most popular characters. His role as Tyrion Lannister has quickly seeped into pop culture with a trademark wit and sarcasm while also receiving universal critical acclaim. To date, Game of Thrones has earned him five Emmy nominations for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series,” winning twice in 2011 and 2015.

But while Game of Thrones has elevated Dinklage to the attention of the masses, the diverse actor has overseen a strong career dating back 20 years. It is a career that has included movies, television, and theater, all of which he’s done on a consistent basis throughout. So if you’ve found yourself a fan of Dinklage and his performance in Game of Thrones, here are 10 of his best movies you should definitely check out.

10. Low Down

Peter Dinklage

Low Down | Source: Oscilloscope Laboratories

The 2014 biopic Low Down revolves around famous jazz pianist Joe Albany (John Hawkes) from the perspective of his young daughter Amy-Jo Albany (Elle Fanning), whose memoir serves as the basis and who also co-wrote the screenplay. Dinklage has a small but memorable role in the film as Alaine — a fellow resident of the flophouse where Amy’s father lives, and one whose occupation further leads Amy away from her childhood innocence. While the film earned mixed reviews from critics, it’s definitely worth a watch for anyone vaguely interested in the subject manner and the framing of it through a young girl’s eyes.