6 Problems With the PlayStation 4

It’s already clear that the PlayStation 4 will turn out to be one of the best video game consoles of all time. From all the great exclusive PS4 games to the parade of excellent third-party and indie games, there’s no denying it’s a killer gaming machine. But just because it has a lot to recommend it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The PlayStation 4 has some drawbacks that bring it down a few pegs. Here are some of the problems with PlayStation 4.

1. No backward compatibility

PlayStation One and controller

There’s no backward compatibility with the PS4 | Sony

Sony has a rich history of classic video games dating back to 1994, when the original PlayStation came out in Japan. Unfortunately for longtime fans, if you want to mine that history, you’ll need the old hardware. Unlike previous PlayStation consoles, the PlayStation 4 isn’t backward compatible with any previous generation of games.

Meanwhile, the PS2 is backward compatible with PS1. The original PS3 is backward compatible with both PS1 and PS2. Additionally, the PS3 and PS Vita can play the enormous library of PS1 games available on the PlayStation Store. Each console has honored the history of PlayStation classic games — except PS4.

To play older games on PS4, Sony only offers two unsatisfactory workarounds. One is PlayStation Now, a subscription service that lets you stream certain PS3 games. The other is the small set of digital “PS2 classics” on the PlayStation Store, most of which aren’t very classic at all. And fans of PS1 games? They’re completely out of luck.

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