Psy Lands 2B YouTube Views, But Will He Have Another Hit?


Source: @ psy_oppa via Twitter

South Korean dance music sensation Psy set a huge record over the weekend as he preps for the release of his next single featuring Snoop Dogg. Psy’s mega-hit “Gangnam Style” with its catchy beat and silly music video has been steadily breaking records for YouTube views since its release in July 2012, and on May 31 the clip became the first in YouTube history to reach 2 billion views.

The music video for Psy’s next song, “Hangover,” will be debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on June 8, when Snoop Dogg will join the South Korean rapper to unveil the video, which was made in Psy’s home country. The announcements about both the record and the new single were made on Psy’s Twitter and the website of his South Korean label, YG Entertainment.

Psy has spent the past few months working on the successor to 2011′s highly successful album Bird, which spawned “Gangnam Style” as well as the follow-up hit “Gentleman.” When the 2 billion milestone was reached, Psy said on Twitter that they were “very honorable and burdensome numbers.” Even though “Gentleman” has performed moderately well — it currently has 690 million views on YouTube — it was criticized for sounding too much like “Gangnam Style” and even those huge numbers look like a flop in comparison to 2 billion.