‘Star Wars’ Controversy: Is George Lucas out of Line?

George Lucas at a press dinner, wearing a suit and smiling

George Lucas | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

We all know the saga of George Lucas handing over Star Wars to Disney. Disney bought the franchise for a cool $4 billion and, in doing so, also bought the right to do whatever it wants with it. The drama didn’t end there though, since Lucas very publicly decried his buyer for not accepting his ideas for the new Star Wars trilogy. After that initial criticism, things fell relatively quiet, as the marketing ramped up for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In interviews with Variety and CBS in late 2015, Lucas shed further light on the fallout of the sale. To Variety, he noted how “you go to make a movie, and all you do is get criticized … and it’s not much fun.” He further expounded to CBS (video on the next page), admitting that while Disney “want(ed) to make something for the fans,” he simply sought to produce “a family soap opera,” independent of what fans wanted.

In some ways, it’s easy to see where he’s coming from. Star Wars was Lucas’ creation, and as such, he has (or had) the right to do with it as he pleases. At the same time, the Star Wars franchise has grown to become something far greater than one man’s story.