5 Superheroes That Marvel May Never Get Back

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may already be teeming with dozens of marquee heroes and villains. However, there are still a number of superheroes that would prove to be exciting additions to the MCU. Unfortunately, many of the most notable Marvel characters still missing from the films are tied up in rights issues with other studios. Now that Marvel Studios has struck a deal with Sony to share the use of Spider-Man, there’s a better chance that similar arrangements can be made with other studios going forward. However, nothing is certain at this point. So here is our look at five superheroes that may never return home to Marvel.

1. Wolverine

Wolverine in Marvel Comics

Wolverine | Source: Marvel Comics

With the X-Men franchise continuing to perform well for Fox, there’s little reason right now for the studio to play ball with Marvel regarding the return of its library of mutant heroes. Wolverine, of course, remains one of the most popular characters, but fan favorites like Deadpool and a slew of other X-Men related properties are suffering the same fate as the adamantium-clawed mutant himself. Perhaps if a deal can be struck over Fantastic Four (more on them later), then Marvel and Fox could come closer to sharing custody of the X-Men.

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