‘Team Ninja Warrior’ Exclusive: Party Time Reveals Their Secret Weapon to Winning

Team Ninja Warrior takes the courses and contestants we all know and love from American Ninja Warrior and has them team up and compete side by side for the coveted trophy. In the first season, we were surprised to see some of the top competitors get knocked out of the competition quickly. We also saw some rookies blow past the competition and make a name for themselves.

In the end, the winner was the team Party Time with Brian Arnold, Jennifer Tavernier, Jake Murray, and alternate Travis Weinand. Arnold has been a top competitor through multiple variations of the show, but the team still had its adversities in Team Ninja Warrior. One of their own was hurt while competing and rookie, Tavernier, had to go up against some amazing veterans.

Now, the winners are back to defend their title in Season 2 of Team Ninja Warrior. Arnold and Murray emailed The Cheat Sheet to talk about their strategy and the secret weapon to winning the game. Here are 16 things we learned from the winners.

Note: Tavernier was contacted for the interview, but was unavailable. 

1. A lot of the other captains came up with intimidating sounding names, but you went with Party Time. Was this supposed to reflect that you were more about having fun out there, or were you very serious about the competition?

Jennifer Tavernier, Brian Arnold, and Jake Murray pose together in orange uniforms.

Party Time on Team Ninja Warrior | Esquire

Brian Arnold: Competition is about having fun! I wanted to remind myself to enjoy it, but by no means was that a way to say I wasn’t taking the competition seriously! I hate losing!