Teen Stuck in a ‘Groundhog Day’ Scenario in ‘Premature’

Could there be a worse situation to repeat than a mundane holiday like Groundhog Day? Writer Dan Beers thinks so, and coming up with something embarrassing was how he landed on the idea for Premature, a new teen comedy.

Premature, which is being marketed as American Pie meets Groundhog Day, stars John Karna as Rob, a high schooler who is forced to repeat the same day over and over again, each time coming extremely close to losing his virginity but getting interrupted by his mom, only to have the day reset.

“We were thinking of a Groundhog Day-type loop structure, but what would be the most embarrassing thing you would have to actually go through every time?” Beers said to Entertainment Weekly. “Having to actually fail to have sex for the first time over and over again. Matt had the idea of instead of having the clock radio going off, as in Groundhog Day, the mom comes in, [finds him in that exposed position], and says that one line over and over again.”

Repeating the day helps Rob try out different ways to navigate high school bullies as well as attempt to nail his college interview at Georgetown, with an admissions officer played by Alan Tudyk.