The 5 Most-Hated Rock and Roll Wives

The women on this list, some of them musicians themselves, have been accused of “ruining” the lives and work of some of the most famous and influential male musicians of all time. Unfortunately, the misogyny these women have contended with from their revered husbands’ fans has, for the most part, overshadowed their own lives and artistic works. Here’s a list of some of the most notorious rock star wives and the resulting hatred garnered by the misogyny of their husbands’ fans.

5. Priscilla Presley

Priscilla and Elvis

Priscilla and Elvis | Keystone/Getty Images

The wife of Elvis Presley received her fair share of hate mail when her relationship with the world’s most desirable rock star went public. Priscilla and Elvis met in Germany during his stay in the army in September of 1959, at which time Priscilla was just 14 years old. According to Priscilla’s autobiography, when the press caught scent of the affair, Priscilla was hounded by reporters and Elvis fans. However, the negative attention she received wasn’t enough to discourage her from pursuing Elvis. Priscilla moved to America to be with Presley in 1963.

The two were married in 1967 under increasing pressure from both Priscilla’s parents, who were rumored to have threatened to press charges against Presley for taking a minor across state lines for sexual purposes, and the Elvis camp, which was worried about the possible scandal and backlash that could result from Presley’s involvement with the young girl, according to Elvis biographer William Heinemann. The wedding itself caused rifts in many of the couple’s friendships as the event was mainly turned into a rushed publicity stunt and many close to the couple were not invited, according to Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick. During the marriage, which ended in 1972, Elvis introduced Priscilla to hard drugs, and both Elvis and Priscilla had numerous affairs.