‘The Walking Dead’: Here’s What Happens to Maggie in the Comics

A panel from 'The Walking Dead' comics shows Maggie with short hair.

Maggie Rhee in The Walking Dead | Image Comics

When it comes to The Walking Dead’s core characters, few have been as essential to the series as Maggie Rhee (nee Greene). During her years on the show, she’s grown from a sweet-but-tough farm girl to a resilient woman ready to lead her own team of survivors.

Played with charm and an often-stealthy gravitas by Lauren Cohan, the Maggie of AMC’s TWD makes up a large part of the show’s emotional core. Though we got to know her, at first, as the love interest for Glenn, she quickly developed an identity and importance far beyond her romantic dealings.

In the comics, Maggie’s been every bit as vital to the story’s success. Robert Kirkman first introduced her in Issue 10, and since then she’s been involved in, to some degree, many of the most memorable plot lines in the series. In some ways, the two versions of Maggie have played out very similarly. In other instances, they’ve been very different. Here’s what happens to Maggie Rhee in The Walking Dead comics.

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