‘The Walking Dead’: 10 of Maggie’s Greatest Moments

Glenn and Maggie, TWD

Glenn and Maggie in The Walking Dead | AMC

Fans of The Walking Dead love to talk about the series’ most kick-butt characters. From Daryl’s skills with a crossbow and Michonne’s awesome command of her katana, to Carol’s Bear Grylls-level survival skills, many of the show’s most popular characters are also among its most deadly.

That being said, we don’t talk nearly enough about Maggie, played by series standout Lauren Cohan. From her very first moments on The Walking Dead to her gradual transformation into one of its most brilliant leaders, she’s faced devastating losses and still continues to fight her way back. Maggie has had some unforgettable moments throughout her six-plus seasons on the show, but some stand just a bit above the rest in terms of defining who she is. Here are 10 of Maggie Rhee’s most amazing moments on The Walking Dead.

1. Finding Lori after Carl was shot

Maggie on her horse in a scene from 'The Walking Dead' episode "Bloodletting"

Maggie in “Bloodletting” | Netflix

Maggie is such a vital part of The Walking Dead that it’s easy to forget she didn’t make her first appearance until the Season 2 “Bloodletting.” After Carl was shot, a frantic Rick carried the young boy to the Greene homestead. Hershel was, in many ways, the hero of the hour when it came to saving Carl’s life. But Maggie proved, in one of her first moments on screen, that she was equally caring when she took it upon herself to find Lori and bring her to her son’s bedside. There was something thrilling about watching her careen through the fields and woods in search of a total stranger. And her first actions on The Walking Dead gave us a real hint at the kind of strong, brave, and resourceful character she would be.

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