5 Things About ‘The Walking Dead’ That Make No Sense, at All

Jesus The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead| AMC

There’s realistic TV, and then there’s The Walking Dead. AMC’s zombie-themed horror series is less than plausible and though there are some of us out there who are well-stocked and ready for the apocalypse to hit at any second, it likely won’t come from a surge of undead humans roaming the streets.

Still, The Walking Dead has done a pretty good job of creating a world that feels very real, despite its unrealistic premise. Sure, there are the things that make us go “hmm” — like how the prison’s grass managed to stay so manicured, or how Carol’s hair always looked good even when they were on the run. But for the most part, being a fan of The Walking Dead means that you develop a healthy “just go with it” attitude.

Sometimes, though, the series goes a little too far with the suspension of disbelief. These are the times when Robert Kirkman and company ask us to forget what we’ve already learned about their carefully constructed universe and the moments when the actions the characters take defy the laws of basic science and order. Here are five things about The Walking Dead that just plain don’t make any sense.

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