The 10 Worst Songs of All Time

Woman listening to music with headphones |

Woman listening to music with headphones |

Whenever a generation of individuals reaches a certain point, it inevitably begins to look back on the music of its adolescence as far superior to the garbage that today’s youth call “music.” However, while rose-colored glasses have a tendency to color one’s perception of his or her past, the fact remains that terrible music has been around long before divisive figures like Justin Bieber came around. In fact, some of the messages behind hit songs are quite disturbing when you stop and listen to them.

Though the inherent quality of music — like all other art forms — is open to interpretation, there are some songs that are so widely despised for any number of reasons that it’s relatively safe to label them as such. For this list, we’re attempting to gather some of the most dreadful examples of tunes to come out of the pop music era. We’re attempting to cover a number of genres here, but the most impactful guideline is the undeniable awfulness of the song in question.

1. “MacArthur Park” by Richard Harris (1968)

Younger listeners might recognize the tune from this Richard Harris disaster (yes, the first Dumbledore from the Harry Potter films once sang it) for its use in the “Weird Al” Yankovic parody “Jurassic Park.” Like that dino-centric attraction, “MacArthur Park” was beyond saving.

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