These Big Names Signed On for New Coen Brothers Comedy


George Clooney and Josh Brolin are both rumored to be involved with the new Coen brothers film Hail Caesar!, which Deadline reports is going to be about a Hollywood fixer in the 1950s employed by film studios to protect their biggest stars from the media and themselves.

MTV reports that Clooney and Brolin have both signed on to play lead roles in the film. Both of the actors have worked with the Coen brothers in the past. Brolin was in No Country for Old Men and Clooney has worked with the directors on numerous occasions, including 2009′s Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2008′s Burn After Reading, and 2000′s O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Deadline said that Hail Caesar! will be a comedy following private detective Eddie Mannix, a man who’s hired by film studios to spy on movie stars in order to dig up the dirt on them that then needs to be covered up so that it’s not discovered by the media. During those days, Hollywood stars would have multi-film contracts with studios, and so a studio’s investment could be ruined by a poorly timed scandal. Studios would spy on their own employees in an attempt to protect their investments and smother potential scandals.

The character sounds like he could be based on Fred Otash, the private detective and former cop who worked for Confidential magazine and got inside scoops on stars’ personal lives using wiretapping. Otash is also well known for being hired by Peter Lawford to investigate Marilyn Monroe’s involvement with the Kennedys.