15 Things to Know About the Kim Kardashian Robbery

Kim Kardashian has had a hard time over the last year. She had to run away from a man who tried to grope her in Paris. The next scary incident also happened in France, when the reality TV star was robbed at gunpoint in her apartment. So what exactly happened? Here are 15 things to know about the Kim Kardashian robbery.

1. Two men were reportedly part of the robbery

Media crews outside Kim Kardashian's Luxury Apartment, Hotel de Pourtales Ming Yeung/Getty Images

Media crews outside Kim Kardashian’s luxury apartment, l’Hotel de Pourtalès | Ming Yeung/Getty Images

According to BBC, two men who were dressed as police officers got into her luxury residence at l’Hotel de Pourtalès in Paris. The concierge led the men to her residence where the reality star was in the bathroom after he was threatened by the two men around 3 a.m. Although it was just two men who broke in, police claim that the plan was carried out by five men.

The luxury residence is used by many rich people and celebrities. It sits behind the French capital’s La Madeleine church. The reality star had stayed there before in 2014 before she got married to Kanye West. It looks like many people knew that she was staying there this week.

She’s been popping in and out all the time,” a bartender who works opposite of the residence told Daily Mail. “It’s always the same drill — a people carrier with dark windows turns up, along with the paparazzi and then we see her. Unfortunately too many people seem to know that she lives here!”

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