5 Things We All Hate About Video Games

Video games are incredible creations. They’ve brought us to imaginative new worlds, let us conquer powerful enemies, and allowed us to save the day time and again. They’re also enormously popular. The video game industry is estimated to bring in about $100 billion per year. That’s a whole lot of love for the hardware and software that entertains all kinds of people around the world. But as incredible as they are, video games aren’t perfect. Like all things, gaming is riddled with frustrations big and small. Here are some of the things gamers hate about video games.

1. When you buy a console just before they announce a new model

Xbox One S and controller

When you buy a gaming system, you want it to be the latest and greatest model | Microsoft

In the past, console makers would generally offer a new, slimmer model of their hardware halfway through a console’s life cycle. This allowed them to save money on newly sourced parts while gaining a sales boost from renewed interest thanks to the new design. Typically, the refreshed hardware would be functionally identical to the original. But even then, it was a pain to buy a console right before the maker announced a refresh.

This console generation the problem became even worse. PlayStation released the PlayStation 4 Pro, a much more powerful version of the system capable of running games at smoother frame rates and displaying them at 4K resolution (or at least faking it nicely). Microsoft has announced it will release the Xbox One Scorpio at the end of 2017, giving the Xbox One an even bigger power boost.

Pity the poor gamers who bought an original console right before either company announced its newer, better hardware.