10 Things We Know About Rachel Lindsay From ‘The Bachelor’

In Season 21 of The Bachelor we have been watching Nick Viall try to find love once again. This time he’s been able to call the shots and it has been a roller coaster ride. Although he has had his doubts this season, there is one person who has been a front-runner. That contestant is Rachel Lindsay, who caught Nick’s eye instantly. So what do we know about her? Here are 10 things we know about Rachel Lindsay from The Bachelor.

1. She made Bachelor history twice!

The Bachelor

The Bachelor | ABC

The reality show has notoriously been criticized for its lack of diversity. Although they have added some more women of color throughout the years, they typically get sent home early on. However, Rachel made history by being the first black woman to get the first impression rose!

Rachel might have been one of the many women to show up in a red dress on the first night, but she stood out. She won over Nick by talking about her big family and her impressive career as a lawyer. “I didn’t really know how I was gonna give this out,” Nick told her before giving her the rose, “and I think from the first moment I met you you stood out. Even the limo exit I was really kind of taken by your aura and your presence.” Their relationship has been pretty smooth sailing ever since!

That’s not the only record Rachel has set. She’s also one of the first black women to make it past week five along with fellow contestant, Jasmine G. Sadly, Jasmine is now gone after she had her awkward sit down with Nick. But at least she made history along with Rachel before she left!

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