Top 7 Literature Author Twitter Accounts to Follow

A reader may find it hard to imagine an author as anything more than a by line and portrait on a back cover. Especially when a book is all engrossing, curiosity strikes about the person behind it. Twitter is making it easier than ever before for authors to engage with their fans, promote their works, and further express their thoughts and personalities. But with so many figures on Twitter, it’s hard to know who to follow and who to skip. Here are seven authors worth following.

John Green

If there’s a reigning King Author on Twitter, it’s John Green. The author of romantic, Young Adult (YA) hits such as The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, has an army of fans — or Nerdfighters — stemming from his vlog with his brother, Hank. Green is very open about sharing his personal life with his 2.77 million followers with tweets ranging from hot dog eating contests to VidCon 2014, as well as professional updates like Sarah Polley adapting Looking for Alaska for film. His excitability reaches his young fans (and their parents) by ways including his YouTube channel, Instagram, and book tours, all of which are constantly streamed on Twitter.