TV in July: 10 Series Premieres to Watch Out For

While summer never used to be a time for networks to drop highly touted new TV series, we’re also in the midst of a completely new television dynamic where more and more high quality television seems to be announced every day. Due to that surge in content and audience desire for more, summer is not what it used to be — a long, long dry spell.

Bucking the old summer TV trend, here are ten highly anticipated new series set to arrive in July.

The Strain

1. The Strain

The Strain is a vampire-horror series from Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan that will premiere on FX on July 13. Based on their novel trilogy of the same name — The Strain (2009), The Fall (2010), The Night Eternal (2011) — The Strain begins when a plane lands at JFK International Airport in New York City with all of its lights off and doors sealed. Inside, scientists discover two hundred dead bodies and four survivors as an ancient vampiric force threatens all of humanity. Starring Carey Stoll (House of Cards), David Bradley (Game of Thrones), and Kevin Durand (Lost), del Toro’s The Strain will find itself coming full circle after the writer-director initially pitched the series as a TV show back in 2006 and later pairing with Hogan after negotiations with studios broke down.