12 TV Shows That Were Brought Back From Cancellation

TV shows come and go quickly so it’s not always easy to predict which ones will get the ax. But some shows are lucky enough to get a second chance even after getting pulled off the air. These series, including sitcoms, dramas, and animated shows, were canceled and then brought back later on, much to the relief of their fans. Below, check out 12 shows that got brought back from cancellation:

1. Family Guy

Scene from Family Guy

Scene from Family Guy | Fox

It may be hard to believe that the animated sitcom was ever not as well received by viewers as it is now, but after its debut in 1999, it got switched around to a bunch of different time slots before it was ultimately canceled in 2002. It was brought back on Cartoon Network in 2005 thanks to soaring DVD sales and high syndication ratings. Since then, the show has only increased in popularity and helped catapult its creator, Seth MacFarlane, into a new level of fame — and a blossoming film career.

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