14 TV Shows Likely to Get the Ax After This Season

It’s not easy for any TV show — whether new or returning — to avoid the ax. Some start out strong and end up losing viewers over time, while others just can’t make it work in their freshman season. Plus, as audiences know all too well, cancellations aren’t always predictable. While some seem doomed right from the start, others remain on the bubble for some time.

In the coming months, all five major TV networks will have to decide which entries from their lineup — from sitcoms to fantasy dramas — will get officially pulled. Here’s a look at 14 shows that may be counting this TV season as their last.

1. Quantico

Priyanka Chopra holds up a gun in the show Quantico

Quantico | ABC

Two seasons in and Quantico is not the strong performer it once was. The ABC drama has struggled with its ratings, scoring middling viewership and a low average of 0.69 in the key demographic throughout its sophomore season. To be fair, the show likely owes some of its decline to a change in time slot, having been moved from Sunday nights to Monday nights for Season 2.

Whether ABC will decide to give it one more chance in a different slot remains to be seen, but the show certainly isn’t a sure bet for renewal this time around.