12 Uncontinued Movie Franchises That Never Saw a Sequel

John Carter

John Carter | Walt Disney Pictures

As moviegoers, we’re accustomed to gigantic blockbuster franchises. We’ve almost come to expect multiple sequels to follow anything that even remotely succeeds in theaters, as it has become the en-vogue way for studios to make a quick and easy buck. But what happens when a studio swings and misses completely? There’s a graveyard of forgotten franchises out in the world that few ever stop to think about. Some saw one quasi-successful movie, but didn’t quite make enough at the box office to justify even one sequel. Others were complete and utter flops that everyone has now forgotten about.

Each of these movies rank in the annals of film as tragically uncontinued franchises, most ended with a cliffhanger, expecting to be picked up for a series of movies that never happened. Alas, it could not be so.

1. I Am Number Four (2011)

In a series of novels with over 15 installments, you can bet that DreamWorks was seeing green when they adapted I Am Number Four to the big-screen. Big names like D.J. Caruso, Steven Spielberg, Timothy Olyphant, and Alex Pettyfer were all attached to the movie that never quite caught on the way they’d originally hoped. Rotten Tomatoes reports a meager $55 million box office haul pairing with a 33% rating as the main reasons it never quite got off the ground, barely making back its $50 million budget.

We’ll sadly never get to see the next chapter, but given the story’s derivative plot (an unsuspecting teenager with secret superpowers that make him the savior of his people, while on the run from danger), it’s no huge surprise.

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