Universal’s Monster Universe: Your Guide to the Movies of the ‘Dark Universe’

Universal is set to kick off its planned slate of interconnecting monster movies in 2017. Starting with this year’s The Mummy, the studio is set to remake a slew of classic horror flicks, including The Wolf Man and The Invisible Man, among others. Having trouble keeping track of so many films? Here’s your official guide to Universal’s monster universe, which the studio is officially calling its Dark Universe:

1. The Mummy, June 9, 2017

Sofia Boutella in The Mummy

Sofia Boutella in The Mummy | Sean Daniel Company

Universal will introduce its cinematic universe of rebooted classic monster movies with The Mummy, set to hit theaters this summer. The movie will star Tom Cruise as Tyler Colt, a special-forces soldier sent on a mission to the Iraqi desert in pursuit of terrorists. He ends up stumbling on an ancient tomb that contains a long-buried queen with a considerable grievance.

The remake, directed by Alex Kurtzman (People Like Us) will also star Annabelle Wallis as archaeologist Jenny Halsey; Sofia Boutella as the newest version of The Mummy; and Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll. And this time around, audiences can expect to be spooked. Crowe has described the upcoming film as scarier than its predecessors, leaning more toward horror than action-adventure.