Where Is Superman? Decoding the Latest ‘Justice League’ Trailer

There’s a whole lot riding on Warner Bros.’ DC movies releasing in 2017. After a rough start with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, it’s left the studio in a “do or die” scenario with the releases of Wonder Woman and Justice League. For the latter, we finally have our first new footage since the sizzle reel was unveiled at Comic-Con.

The trailer (above) expounds on a whole bunch of major plots points, running us through the members of the titular team of superheroes. Conspicuously absent though is the Man of Steel himself. So where the hell is Superman? We’re not entirely sure, but we can at least draw plenty of other conclusions based on the trailer.

1. The MacGuffin of Justice League

The Mother Box, stashed behind other various items

The Mother Box | Warner Bros.

Every superhero team-up movie needs a mystical item that our villain is on a quest to acquire. In Justice League, it’ll be the Mother Boxes, items capable of granting their users incredible powers. Steppenwolf (the aforementioned villain) will be on a mission to acquire the three Mother Boxes, located in Atlantis, Themyscira, and on Earth.

Given that Aquaman and Wonder Woman originate from the first two locations respectively, it’s already clear what their stake in this battle is.

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