Darth Jar Jar: The Real Truth Behind a ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory

Jar Jar Binks in 'The Phantom Menace'

Jar Jar Binks: A secret Sith lord? | Source: Lucasfilm

In the days leading up to the release of The Force Awakensfan theories ran rampant concerning a number of mysteries. We knew little, if anything, about the general story, and there were tons of questions yet to be answered. Of all the theories posted over those months, none were more popular than the one concerning the real identity of Jar Jar Binks. According to one observant Reddit user, the theory goes as follows: Jar Jar Binks was in fact a Sith in disguise, and his slapstick behavior was all an elaborate cover. It goes even further to say that this was Lucas’s intention all along, and that he may have backed off after fan backlash following The Phantom Menace. 

We won’t dig too deep into the massive essay containing additional proof, evidence, and videos, but trust us when we say, this person makes a convincing case. Lucas has often derided fans for their opposition to his vision, and there’s a convincing argument to be made that he made significant changes to Attack of the Clones to appease people. Just as intriguing in the wake of all this has been the across-the-board acknowledgment that as insane as this theory may be, it seems entirely possible. This is driven by two factors: 1. Everything we know about George Lucas’s vision for the prequels, and 2. We want to believe this is true.

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