Will Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’ Live Up to the Hype?

The trailer for the highly anticipated Disney flick Into The Woods is finally here, giving fans a closer look at some of the biggest stars in Hollywood as classic fairy tale characters — but with a twist.

The Rob Marshall-directed upcoming film is an adaptation of the famed Stephen Sondheim Broadway stage musical, which takes a darker spin on the fairy tales most of us are familiar with. The story follows a group of fairy tale characters that enter a dangerous forest in the hopes of having their deepest wishes granted to them. The film’s ensemble cast includes some of the most popular actors in the industry today, including Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, James Corden, Emily Blunt, and Johnny Depp, among others.

Earlier this week, the studio released production photos of the cast in character. But the new teaser is the first true glimpse viewers have gotten at them in action. While the clip doesn’t give much away in terms of storyline, it does provide a good, albeit brief look at a wild-eyed Streep as the Witch, Kendrick as a wistful Cinderella, and Pine as her handsome Prince. It also provides sweeping views of their fairy tale world, complete with familiar scenes like a beanstalk and Rapunzel’s tower. However, fans hoping to hear the actors actually singing will be disappointed. The clip features no songs, making it hard to believe the film is actually a musical.